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Behind every success formula is… excellent customer service! Here at FitForMe we have we do everything we can to assist you.

Scientific perspective

Scientific studies are being carried out in collaboration with the Rijnstate Hospital in Arnhem. Since 2017 we have also started international research. The findings are very important to us because we always continue to improve our products.

Made in the Netherlands

To guarantee the highest quality, we produce all our supplements at recognized companies. These companies comply with HACCP and GMP standards and have appropriate certifications and labels.

Easily absorbed

Also, there is a massive quality difference in the various ingredients used for food supplements. When we create our FitForMe supplements, we always choose the variant that can be best absorbed by the human body.


You may not expect any allergic reactions from a quality supplement. That is why we strive to keep allergens out of our supplements. Almost all FitForMe supplements are free of lactose, yeast, gluten and synthetic fragrance, color and flavorings.

Special packaging

We prefer to pack almost all our tablets and capsules in special blister packs, or cavities made of thermoformed plastic. The packaging offers protection against oxygen, moisture, light and bacteria, while also being very hygienic. For food supplements that do not require blister packaging, we use handy and hermetically sealed jars.