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Supplements specially developed for bariatric patients. Created in collaboration with healthcare professionals and scientifically proven.

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As a healthcare professional, you know that after weight-loss surgery, patients struggle to adequately take in and absorb vitamins and minerals. That is why, since 2009, FitForMe is developing food supplements for patients who have undergone a bariatric procedure. The nutrients that are added to FitForMe’s supplements have adapted, scientifically proven dosages and are precisely tailored to the needs of bariatric patients.

What we do

The number of people suffering from (morbid) obesity and comorbidities, is increasing. In line with this increase, more bariatric procedures are being performed every year. These operations help people lose a significant amount of weight and improve their quality of life. However, a healthier lifestyle is crucial after bariatric surgery. Luckily, people are becoming more aware of this importance, and the essential role of vitamins and minerals.

At FitForMe, we develop supplements for patients who have undergone bariatric or metabolic surgery. It is our key priority to support patients after their surgery with exactly the right product, developed for their specific nutritional needs after their type of surgery, according to the latest scientific insights.

Our mission is to improve the quality of life for bariatric patients. We do this by delivering world’s leading food supplements, proven safe and effective by science and tailored to each type of bariatric operation.

Scientifically proven

All our products are developed according to the latest scientific insights. For example: the effectiveness of WLS Forte, compared to standard multivitamins, was studied and proven through a study at the Rijnstate Hospital in Arnhem, done with patients who had undergone a gastric bypass procedure. In a similar fashion, the effectiveness of WLS Optimum on the nutritional status of Gastric Sleeve patients was found in several studies as well. The conclusion: FitForMe’s WLS multivitamins are more effective in the prevention of nutritional deficiencies, compared to multivitamins with a standard composition.

All of our studies, plus the literature that has led to the development and optimizations of our food supplements, can be found on our research website:

Always in development

To keep improving our products on a daily basis, FitForMe continuously conducts both internal and external studies on product effectiveness and customer experience. Findings are implemented in product development, professional collaboration and customer education.

Based on our own clinical studies, together with a review of new literature, we recently optimized the nutritional composition of WLS Forte, WLS Optimum and WLS Maximum. The dosages of vitamins and minerals in your patients’ trusted supplements have been enhanced, further tailoring them to the nutritional needs after each specific type of bariatric procedure.

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